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    A brief Introduction of Beijing Sunho

    Beijing Sunho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. always adheres to the corporate culture concept of “Surpassing self and creating development”.Since the company was founded in 2000, it has been relying on its strong R&D advantages, and it has developed into a leading pharmaceutical company driven by production, and pharmaceutical R&D. Sales.The company was successfully listed on the 3rd board of Zhongguancun of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2007 with a stock code of 430017. The total assets are about 1 billion yuan and the total number of employees is more than 700.



    Sunho Meitong


    Xing Yuanjia

    We declare that the development of talent is essential to the continuous progress of Xing Hao's medicine. The company also provides good for employees Good employment opportunities and professional development platform.
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    Xing Yuanjia